Personal and Corporate Superannuation

Your superannuation is the key to your income in retirement and it is therefore essential that you select a fund that will allow you to adopt different investment strategies to suit your personal risk profile, market conditions and your required long term outcomes.

Some Super Funds offer very limited options effectively placing everyone in the same bucket irrespective of their personal preferences. The funds that CB Financial recommends allow for different investment strategies using all of the asset classes available in the market, as well as direct shares and property. In this way we are able to individualise your investment strategy to suit your personal needs and goals. We will provide you with advice on the investment options that best suit you and help you to manage the fund’s investments on an ongoing basis, where agreed meeting with you regularly to keep you informed.

If you “compare the pair” as suggested in certain television advertising, you will discover that our fees are higher than those charged by Industry Super Funds. We make no apologies for that. At CB Financial you can speak and meet with your adviser, you can put in place a wide range of investments that best suit you, you can change investments at any time and, where agreed, your fund will be reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, the investments in your personal superannuation fund are valued on a daily basis in a recognised market such as the Australian Stock Exchange.

So if planning for your retirement is a priority, speak to one of our specialist retirement planning advisers about what best suits you.

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