Our Approach

Financial Planners who consider the bigger picture.

What makes us exceptional? The process we call SELF®.

About SELF®

Achievement of your goals requires objectives appropriate strategies to achieve those objectives and a commitment to constant revision and continuous improvement. You must also plan for contingencies that may disrupt your journey.
The SELF® process provides you with a structured approach and the support to help you stay on track.SELF® is about strategy, education, life balance and financial soundness.



Abraham Maslow’s motivation theory provides the framework for SELF®’s strategic focus. By helping you identify where you are now, you and your coach can develop strategies to get you to the next level of creating a life of lasting fulfilment.


Everyone accepts that businesses and sports people must continuously improve to win, while the constant pressures of life can leave them feeling unfulfilled. SELF® is about learning to take real life issues to develop objectives and plans to move you from where you are to where you want to be in the future.

Life Balance

With the pace of life running at full throttle, we find little time for what’s really important to us. SELF® helps you audit your life, set targets, carry out a gap analysis and develop plans (with the help of your coach) in those areas that are important to you – family, social, finances, mental, philosophical and heath.

Financial Soundness

SELF®’s emphasis on financial soundness is about addressing all the fundamentals of sound financial management. Rather than just building your wealth, it’s about putting your work and all other sources of your income in the context of achieving life balance; establishing strategies and structures to secure your assets and ensuring you have adequate provisions to cushion against any unexpected events or demands on your finances.


Achieving Financial Soundness

Regardless of where you want to go, without a clear knowledge of where you’re at right now is like deciding to build a building without first conducting proper assessments of the land on which you want to build, the surroundings, the rules and regulations affecting buildings in the area and so on.Financial Soundness Likewise embarking on a journey towards a sound financial future requires a clear understanding of how you are travelling so far; where you want to be and how you will get there. The ‘bike of life’ helps get the right perspective:Personal Life Balance is about setting your direction – education, family, finances, health, philosophy, social.Business/Work Life Balance helps drive you there – career path, income, performance, taking time off.Financial Soundness is all about keeping your balance. That is addressing all the fundamentals within a sound strategic framework.

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