Article_Can you answer these Super Insurance questions?

Insurance provided through superannuation plays an important role in helping to protect you from the financial shocks of unexpected events. However, many people remain in the dark about what type of cover they have and whether it’s a good fit for themselves and their family.

Having the correct insurance within your superannuation fund to cover your needs, is essential. Results of recent research conducted by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), shows that many Australians do not understand insurance within their superannuation.

Over 40 per cent of people have a poor understanding of the insurance within their super, with males about twice as likely to say they have a very good understanding about their insurance compared to females. Most concerning was the response from younger Australians, 50 per cent of Generation Y (those aged under 32) report no, or very poor, understanding of their superannuation insurance requirements.

Do you know what type and level of cover is right for you and your family? Ask yourself these questions about your super fund insurance:

  1. What types of insurance cover do I have at the moment?
  2. If I die, how much will my family get?
  3. If I die, who decides who will get my superannuation?
  4. Will I get a payment if:
    • I cannot work for a period of six months?
    • I am terminally ill?
    • I can never work again?
  5. If I get a payment, how much will I be paid and when?
  6. Can I increase my level of cover without having to be medically tested?
  7. What happens to my insurance if I leave the fund?
  8. What happens to my insurance if I change jobs?
  9. Who should I contact if I need to make a claim?
  10. What impact does paying for my insurance have on my final retirement balance?

We can assist you to answer all of these questions and determine the best cover for you and your family. Our first meeting is complimentary and we welcome your call on (07) 3223 6000 or email .

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