About Us

Regardless of where you want to go, without a clear knowledge of where you’re at right now is like deciding to build a building without first conducting the proper assessments of the land on which you want to build, the surroundings, the rules and regulations affecting buildings in the area and so on.  Likewise embarking on a journey towards a sound financial future requires a clear understanding of how you are travelling so far; where you want to be and how you will get there.

Personal Life Balance is about setting your direction – education, family, finances, health, philosophy, social, Business/Work Life Balance helps drive you there – career path, income, performance, taking time off.  Financial soundness is all about keeping your balance.  That is addressing all the important things to you within a sound strategic framework.

Our History

CB Financial, formerly known as Corporate Benefits, has a heritage of providing financial services that dates back to the 1960’s. During the 80’s and 90’s, the firm predominantly serviced clients who required solid advice relating to Insurance and Superannuation (self-managed, personal and corporate superannuation).

The 2000’s saw the start of an era of transformation with the emergence of advice oriented around wealth creation. CB Financial as we now know it really took shape in 2004 through the buy-out of Asteron Life and another Corporate Benefits’ shareholder and the merger with the financial planning services of an accounting and business advisory practice. We identified that both businesses were great at providing traditional solutions, but clients were lacking a structured approach that helps them set realistic objectives for what they want out of their personal and business lives and then being helped to achieve them.


From those early beginnings, we have continued to grow, and we now operate from offices located in Brisbane, Strathpine and Sunshine Coast. Also, as our client’s lives change, and they relocate or travel, we continue to provide services to both corporate and personal clients throughout Queensland and Australia.

The Future

Like our clients, CB Financial is not about standing still. We are committed to expanding and developing our team and the range of services we provide to our clients. It is important that as our clients’ journey continues we are able to meet and anticipate their needs to help guide and give them peace of mind.

CB Financial Pty Ltd ABN 84 120 482 313

Corporate Authorised Rep No. 303961 Alliance Wealth Pty Ltd

ABN 93 161 647 007 AFSL No. 449221

E: aw@cpal.com.au T: 1300 557 598